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Bapp is a free budgeting app for people who are looking to become more financially responsible. Most young people are never shown the fundamentals of good money management and are often intimidated by the elaborate products offered by the major financial institutions. Once they reach college, because of poor spending habits and bookkeeping, students can find themselves deeply in debt and struggling to get by. This is exactly why we were inspired to build Bapp, a super simple and free budgeting tool. It was designed based on modern app behavior combined with common financial problems students experience.

How are college students spending their money?

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It is also a growing problem for students to spend more than they anticipated on basic wants and needs, also known as discretionary spending. We’ve learned that college students’ annual variable expenses like coffee, snacks, meals, travel, entertainment, clothing, and online shopping have been steadily rising each year. Due to the extensive time spent on social media, advertisements continue to grab the attention of smartphone users and encourage more spending. Powerful marketing campaigns are targeting college students more than ever because of their impetuous and increasing spending power. Cumulative student discretionary spending is expected to reach half a trillion dollars.

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What makes Bapp the best budgeting app for students?

We decided to focus our main design on combating this consequential spending trend by giving students a quick view of their variable expense status. Students will be able to see exactly how much money they can spend within a category and avoid making poor purchasing decisions.

The means for entering new expenditures proved to be another important mechanism. We found that students who manually entered each expense were more likely to be financially disciplined and stay on budget than those who connected their bank account numbers and credit cards and then forgot about it.

We also thought it was helpful to add a convenient way for students to stay on top of their fixed expenses such as rent, cell phone bill, car payment, memberships, and any other recurring monthly responsibilities that can sometimes get overlooked. Bapp notifies you when a bill is due and allows you to check off each one so you know which bills have been paid. This will help you easily manage your non-automatic recurring expenses and avoid unnecessary late penalties and fees.

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Here are just some of the things that Bapp can do for you:

  • Set and track your variable and fixed expenses each month
  • Quick view of how much money you have to spend for a specific category
  • Establish a budget for basic monthly necessities
  • Curb bad spending habits
  • Monitor and set a plan to eliminate your debt
  • Keep track of spending trends
  • Set up a savings goal for yourself
  • Get on the fast track to building wealth

Developing good money management habits can be the difference between success and failure. Bapp’s simple design, tracking display, and management tools make it easy to stay on budget, save money, and stabilize spending.

If you’re a college student, this is a must-have tool! Download it for free today and tell us how it goes :o)